Fun ideas to do with your pet!

We know that when hanging out with your pet you can run out of activity ideas. We wanted to share some things you can do to bond, even more, we hope you find them useful and enjoyable!


GO EXPLORINGĀ  Help support an outdoor lifestyle for yourself and your pet by visiting your local dog park or a pet-friendly restaurant you have never been to before. Your pet will also thank you if you go to a new local pet store for some new treats they have never tried before.

GET YOUR DIY ONĀ  Making your own toys, beds, or treats at home for your pet is a great way to bond. You can find many recipes, and easy-to-follow tutorials online.

HANGING BIRD FEEDERSĀ  Dogs love to play and explore their world. How about putting a bird feeder at home so your pet can find delight in the outside world right from home.

HAVING A FUN PHOTO-SHOOT Taking family photos with your furry loved ones is so much fun, and having a pet Instagram where you can document all the fun adventures you go through with them.

WATCH TV AND SNUGGLE It is the perfect time to watch a movie alongside your furry friend.


WATER GAMESĀ  Take him swimming or paddleboarding and enjoy the rewarding bonding time.

DOGAĀ  Some local studios do DOGA, take your pet with you if you dare!

FOR A WALKĀ  Go out for a hike, take your friend out for a long walk or through trails.

PLAY HIDE AND SEEKĀ  At home there is always hide and seek, you can let them find you and then reward them with a yummy treat!

Would you do any of these activities? If so, you can send us a pic of this amazing experience to our Instagram!

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