10 Things to look for in a Dog Daycare before joining!

Our dogs are a priority, they mean the world to us. This is why it is always necessary to consider certain circumstances before choosing a Dog Daycare for them.


Dogs At Daycare
From The Doggy Port, we want to share ten tips you should consider before joining a Daycare:

  1. Cleanliness: There should be minimal odors, immediate clean-up of accidents, and make sure other dogs are looking healthy.
  2. Playtime: Playtime is provided for the majority of the day. Your dog should be socializing with staff members or other dogs.
  3. Proof of Vaccinations: Make sure you are asked for all the vaccines such as DHPP, Bordatella, and Rabies.
  4. Safe staffing levels: A healthy ratio would be one person per 10-15 dogs.
  5. Adequate supervision: Staff members should be in the facility at all times.
  6. Is your dog suitable for the daycare environment? Test your dog by taking him to a dog park and observing their social behavior as well as in other environments.
  7. Safety Arrangements: Separated depending on needs for the day.
  8. The facility provides an appropriate place for them to rest.
  9. Staff members with experience and compassion for canines.
  10. Appropriate control measures: Involves positive reinforcement, and discipline is applied without a need for excessive force.

We are aware of all of this, this is why we invite you to let your dog join the fun in our Doggy Daycare, you can contact us to book a spot for your pal right now. We are always happy to receive new furry friends at The Doggy Port.

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